Friday, 9 March 2018

If you happened to be looking for an affordable #island paradise with a tropical climate, stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, you might do worse than consider #Rodrigues. This is the three-star resort where I stayed for the first part of my trip #CottonBay - as you can see, at 4 pm in the afternoon the pool and the beach are empty despite the blue skies and warm temperature (around 27c). My stunning sea-view room opened out on a balcony overlooking the beach, but unlike #Mauritius here the luxury of a sea view is affordable and the pace of life is altogether gentler. It's also eco friendly (plastic bags are banned altogether on the island and plastic bottles will be too soon). And, those lucky enough to live here are warm and welcoming. Look out for 'table d'hote' - not what I thought (a posh meal in a hotel) the local homes open their doors on request and will cook you authentic Rodrigues dishes for around £5 a head. What you'll find is a lot of fresh fish and creole style food with a good dash of Chinese influence. People on Rodrigues live simply. Even the internet seems to be made out of string and tin cans - don't expect to stream videos here. But, if that's what you are looking for Rodrigues may not be for you. I have to confess, until I was invited to find out more, I'd never heard of #Rodrigues - it turns out that most of the people who come on holiday here are from Mauritius! An unspoilt island paradise - what could be better? Well, everything is reasonably priced - so, once you've got here, you might not ever want to leave! #SecretRodrigues #RodriguesIsland #Rodriguestourism #travelblogger #instatbn #writetotravel #instapassport #postcardsfromtheworld #guardiantravelsnaps #ttot #tbin #travelblog #secretplaces

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

It was sheer chance that we turned up in Rodrigues the same week as the FĂȘte du Poisson - the start of the net fishing season which runs from 1st March to 30 September. Traditional net fishing here, in this small island about the size of Jersey CI and just to the north of Mauritius, is done by draping nets on poles in a kind of semi-circle while the co-operative of fishermen in their traditional boats line up along the edge. Once the nets are set, the fishermen use the poles that are normally for pushing the boat along the shallow waters, to hit the side of boats and literally drum up the catch. Innocent bystanders watch as shoals of fish start to leap out of the sea - and are caught in the nets. The occasionally one makes it over the top and breaks for freedom, while the others are hauled in, onto a waiting boat. The catch is shared between the collective for their own use and sold. We went to #Rodrigues to explore this wonderful unspoilt and relatively undeveloped island that is just an hour's flight from #Mauritius and thrilled to find such an amazing range of things to do and places to explore. There's a lot more to come so do follow along and find out more about #SecretRodrigues #RodriguesIsland #RodriguesIsland #travelblogger #instatbn #writetotravel #instapassport #postcardsfromtheworld #guardiantravelsnaps #ttot #tbin #travelblog #secretplaces #FeteduPoisson